Drone Shoot at the Clark County Museum with Mark Hall Patton

Drone Shoot at the Clark County Museum with Mark Hall Patton What a beautiful day for a video Shoot, I arrived at the Clark Co Museum, which is located outside of town about 15 -20 miles heading towards Boulder City  from Las

Photography for Conventions in Las Vegas

Photographer in LAs Vegas , convention, trade show, industrial photography

Photography for Conventions in Las Vegas. Costellophoto.com  702 459 3121  Donp@Costellophoto.com  Even if you forgot  to book I can still help you get a Professional Photographer for you Convention /Conference /Trade Show. Convention Photography is an art, I’ve been shooting for over

Camel Safari and Album Covers Las Vegas Photographer

Bunkerville NV USA : So as you drive along the I 15 North high way just leaving Las Vegas , there’s not much to see. The radio starts to cut in and out, your cell phone pretty much does the same and

Ces 2016 and The Las vegas Photographer

CES 2016 Las Vegas Happy New Year! So as 2013 rolls to a close ,and not too soon, in retrospect not a bad years compared to the last 4 or so , but as you must all ways do at this time

Revealing,shocking Ms Senior Nevada in playboy scene

Womanizer Ms Senior Las vegas 2013

Las Vegas Aug  2013 , | South point Casino Womanizing Playboy caught on film !! Awhile ago I was asked,as a favor to shoot Ms Senior Nevada, the job included shooting headshot of all the contestants for the ‘program’ , this was

Las Vegas Photographer’s getting hot…in Vegas

Last couple of weeks we’ve been busy in Las Vegas lots of people asking for our Corporate Head shots , it’s interesting what some clients expect, mostly pretty low expectations coupled with a low price, so it goes that you get what