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Central Texas # 512 999 7055 trained and certified Drone Photography and Videography in Las Vegas   Costellophoto is excited to introduce our Aerial Division! While traditional photography may stay on the ground, Costellophoto takes to the skies with the YUNEEC Typhoon.

With 1080p/120fps recording capabilities, our drones deliver high definition video and still images from the bird’s eye view. Stunning footage from above will guarantee that you don’t miss a thing. Costellophoto Aerial Division Drone Photography allows you to take your business to new heights by giving new perspective to your industry, whether it be: 

    • Domestic and Commercial Real Estate
    • Insurance Assessment
    • Construction
    • Land Mapping
    • Conventions
    • Outdoor Events
    • Architecture
    • Landscaping
    • Music Videos
    • Album Covers
    • And more…the sky is the limit!

 Experience Matters

Leave the toys at home- these drones are no joke. 4k Resolution allows Costellophoto Aerial Division to deliver sharp and stunning footage from the skies. What was previously seen only on the big screen is now available in scenic Las Vegas. Smooth, skilled handling and an expert eye make for professional quality videos and stills. Whether it’s capturing the energy of the crowd on that special day, the showcasing the care and coordination you put into planning your event, or simply the natural beauty of the Las Vegas valley, know that you won’t miss a thing with Costellophoto Aerial Division. All of our editing is done in house, so you know your footage is always in good hands. The sky is the limit with our Drone Photography and Videography.


It’s tough to say what the number one feature is of the UAV Typhoon H, but the six rotors have to be very high on the list.  By utilizing six rotors, the drone can land itself! That gives me some comfort when I’m flying a $2,000 UAV  robot in the air above huge waves in high winds.

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 Costellophoto Aerial Division

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