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Photography for Conventions in Las Vegas.  702 459 3121  Even if you forgot  to book I can still help you get a Professional Photographer for you Convention /Conference /Trade Show. Convention Photography is an art, I’ve been shooting for over


With the New Year 2017 just a day away our thoughts are with those who were #Vegasstrong. A short tribute to those who volunteered their time and money to the victims and to those who  built this  Healing Garden in such a

Photography and The Law

Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights Say you’re out for a photographic stroll, taking pictures of that cool old power plant on the edge of town. Suddenly seventy security guards swarm you and demand you hand over your camera. “What is

Ces-2016 Photographer

CES 2016 LAS VEGAS CES ®is a special time of year here in Las Vegas , it’s very like Christmas it creeps up on you and before you know it it’s here, and you realize you don’t have a professional Photographer to document

CES Las Vegas

CES Las Vegas Happy New Year 2014 BY COSTELLO | PUBLISHED JAN 05 2014 | EDIT CES Las Vegas Happy New Year! So as 2013 rolls to a close ,and not too soon, in retrospect not a bad years compared to the last 4 or so

Ms Senior Nevada Pageant Las Vegas Photographs

A while back ESPN hired my self and a few others to judge a beauty pageant for weight lifting women at the golden nugget , it was one of the odd things you get to do here in Las Vegas as a

Google Internet God an open letter/Prayer

A letter to Google from a Las Vegas Photographer ! I think it is fair to say you either love or hate Google  over the last 12 or so years that I have been making websites for Costellophoto in Las Vegas, we have mainly been

Photographers in Las Vegas : Convention | Warning |

March 5th 2013 As a Las Vegas Photographer we know that in the last couple of years we’ve seen an explosion of  ‘Photographers’ and I think that you , the client deserve to get the very best service and quality, I doubt you or

Las Vagas Photographer meets Super Heroes

What a remarkable evening in Las Vegas, warm and not too breezy , hell it’s December already, by now it’s usually cold ,blowing and even snow is not to unusual, after navigating Caesars Palace’s parking and walking almost a 1/4 mile or