Drone Shoot at the Clark County Museum with Mark Hall Patton

Drone Shoot at the Clark County Museum with Mark Hall Patton

What a beautiful day for a video Shoot, I arrived at the Clark Co Museum, which is located outside of town about 15 -20 miles heading towards Boulder City  from Las Vegas, now days just a quick hop on the high way at about 10.30 am, I find Mark who is already dressed in his signature hat and red shirt, we had met previously and our last meeting  lasted 2 hours as we chatted about fame  it’s trappings and inconveniences, swapping stories  generally having a really nice time as the weather was just not cooperating, spring in southern Nevada bring wind ,sometimes rain but lots of wind not good for drone flying.

As we step outside  I get the drone ready and withinMark Hall Patton 'Pawn Stars' Clark County Museum minutes visitors are spotting Mark and wanting a photo, he never says no, all ways gracious even though he’s probably heard the same comments a million times before ‘Love the show !’ ‘What are the other guys like…are they here?’ ‘We’re from Illinois you know’ and of course ‘Love your hat!’  and without hesitation, a picture is taken sometimes an autograph, but always with a smile.

As the day continues we shoot high and wide shots of steam trains that at one time used to sit in a children’s park for the children to play on…can you believe that! Yes, they actually let children play and jump off this huge old steam train, well yes I can believe that as I am that old!

Walking shots of houses of historical interest that have been saved and bought here and set in a street setting  with trees, you can go inside and get a real feel of yesterday with old recording of radio shows playing  and mannequins stiffly standing at the kitchen sink or sitting expectantly on the sofa, men with pipes in their hands and women attending to their every need along with keeping the house, all with that look of contentment a mannequin has.

Across the way there is a metal cage  next to a couple more building, a jail  that was used during ‘Heldorado Days’, a carnival held during the heated days of June, if you unfortunate to be  A. male, B. not wearing a Heldorado Badge, you stood a good chance of being held captive until you could find a friend to bail you out or stay there in the boiling sun , no shade and the cage being made of metal strips about 3 inches wide and riveted together, no seat.

Mark Hall Patton 'Pawn Stars' Clark County Museum

The Clark CO Museum Nevada is celebrating the 50th year , if you’re in town and would like some culture and a really good and interesting afternoon all for $ 2.00, I can highly recommend it. You might even see Mark Hall Patton in person! You might even see the finished video to, meantime enjoy our little snippet, you can go to Costellophoto.com  for more info on our services and visit our facebook page    or call 702 459 3121 to find out about our services and availability

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