Green Screen photographic Ideas for Las Vegas

So you’ve been thinking  ‘What can I do to get some excitement at my booth, or Corporate Party?’ Well you’ll have thousands of interesting suggestions some great but really expensive,others too odd to even consider and again expensive others just too lame and embarrassing.

 A green Wedding dress in Las Vegas, flash mob in Las Vegas cast enjoy our green Screen magic byputting them on the beach    Green Screen Bride in Las Vegas with a Green Dress ?? Photograher in LAs Veags Costellphoot makes it work ! Costellophoto of Las Vegas has recognized a great and valuable system that if fun and affordable, Green screen photography, you are probably aware of ‘Chroma Key’ or ‘Keying’ as it is called in the television industry, some times referred to as Blue Screen , well we can bring all this to your event or booth during your Convention and now we have technology to even make it look 3d !  We erect a green Screen ,usually 10 feet wide , lights, camera and computers  along with fast professional printers and dedicated professional photographers , who take the images of your guests, these pictures are now place in the green screen program and we can add any back ground you like, , the image of your guest, and a for-ground ,can be a logo, race car, anything you can imagine , then in less than 9 seconds we print a 4×6 image of your guest complete with Green screen imagery , a souvenir that will last for years and will be displayed rather than hidden away in a desk draw. 

Costellophoto recently invested in new technology that not only prints , but with an internet connection can at the same time post to Face book ,or any other social media giving you and your clients multiple exposures and bragging rights about their trip to Las Vegas and the products they saw there.
One of our recent clients booked Costellophoto Green Screen Service, their plan was to shoot and estimated 400 images in three days, well that was accomplished in 1 and a half ! So although the budget had to be re figured we ended up with over 700 images being generated and our client winning ‘Most popular ‘ Booth of the convention, no easy feat as there were over 1,000 booths at this one convention at Mandalay Bay Casino Las Vegas Strip and is still being talked about six months later.
Often times our clients will require the presence of celebrity lookalikes, Marilyn Monroe  or Elvis Presley are very popular and we at Costellophoto can help you get in touch with credible lookalikes , this is very important, as a bad look-alike can ruin your whole promotion, it does take skill and professionalism to not only look like your artist, but also to have the knowledge of the artist you’re representing to keep the illusion alive, so adding live personalities to Green Screen you have a hit on your hands , and lets face it that’s all that counts, the rest will follow.
So to find out more about Costellophoto’s Green Screen Service or to book our ever popular Green Screen technology visit out website dedicated to Green Screen at Screen.html or call us at 702 459 3121 and we’ll be happy to get the Green Screen Ball rolling for you future Corporate Event or party, Booth at your next Convention or Trade Show, 

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