Las Vegas Photographer in dark at Casino

oceans_eleven_01_red At Costellophoto we’ve been very busy at Binions casino and the  ‘Kings Ransom’ operating the new Elvis attraction  Green Screen , the idea being to give you a nice souvenir to take home with you, and incase of accidents we email your piece of art . A slow start but as we grow and add costumes and wigs , I should also mention the Co stars to Elvis in various movies  like Darlene Tompkins in Blue Hawaii who appear  and will sign  their pictures and have their pictures taken with you in front of our Green Screen.  It’s all fun and I have learnt more about Elvis than I really need to know , but I have made a good friend in Ms. Tompkins and enjoyed her stories about her time in show biz. Last week as we set up for the days visitors we all witnessed a very rare occurrence, the lights went out in the Casino, not once but three times, thus the reference to Oceans 11, as we at ‘The kings Ransom’ are very close to the Million Dollars on display  it did cross my mind that , well the lights are out and well with a little effort …. Well dear reader of course I’d never  do such a thing, and you’d be hard pressed to be able to lift and carry that large display out, not to mention it’s pitch black in the casino so you’d be running into people and things like a black cat in a coal mine. Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Darlene Tompkins, The Kings Ransom In the coming weeks we shall be offering a dress up, as I type we’re getting an original Elvis Cape for you to wear , the obligatory Elvis Sun glasses and authentic Elvis belt to put on and be photographed in,oh and I must mention the wigs , so even if you’re not a huge Elvis fan you can have fun and actually get something for your money on Fremont Street in Down Town Las Vegas . Do call 702 459 3121 for more information on this or any other photographic need you might have in Las Vegas, be it  Convention, Commercial or personal , Costellophoto can provide you excellent service …with a smile !

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