Mother Tattoos Baby ! Why ???

controversy-baby-tattoo Noel Bass

Mother Tattoos Baby !

New Craze worries Doctors.

Young Woman disfiguring bodies worries parents !

Californian Photographer causes outrage.

Not recommended for Mothers Day gift.


When you see this picture how does it make you feel??

Tattoo'd Baby  copy right Noel Bass

Outrage over this beautiful picture of a loving Mother with  her Baby… Tattooed to her chest, with so much out rage and condemnation over a women rights to do to her body as she chooses , and yet some see this as a wonderful piece of art .

Others have asked why? And is she covering up scars from perhaps Cancer surgery, or some other tragic accident? A lot of questions , a lot of  speculation and media criticism.

When I first saw this image I really didn’t know what to think, Immediately I thought how ridiculous , then the thought that may be there is a reason for this  a sad tragic reason, what a shame a beautiful woman feeling she has to make such a dramatic statement I really start to feel badly for her and wanted to know more.

I don’t think in all my years in photography and entertainment had I ever  seen anything quite like this tattoo, the headline  made me think that perhaps the Woman has actually tattooed her baby, that I thought was plausible yet only somewhat unlikely but I live in Las Vegas and anything is possible here, surely there is a line even the most unhinged person would draw, I mean the pain inflicted on an infant, no,  no one would do that would they? But then what explains Honey boo boo . Thank fully it appears just to be some sad lonely childless,crazed Tattoo junkie. So what do you think? Comments welcome and as it’s Mothers day this coming weekend I expect some highly charged  emails !

Some reaction :

Tattoo out rage  Noel Bass LA

baby tattoo controversy 2

Now for the reality of this image, a brilliant piece of art and deception. The following link to L.A photographer Noel Bass will explain all, this was genius !!

Enjoy the page and the story, especially if your reading this on Mothers Day !


By Costellophoto

Photo and Genius Idea : Noel Bass




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