Google Internet God an open letter/Prayer

A letter to Google from a Las Vegas Photographer !

Google LogoI think it is fair to say you either love or hate Google  over the last 12 or so years that I have been making websites for Costellophoto in Las Vegas, we have mainly been #1 in certain searches, as many of you might know Google decided to change every thing and the result was devastation to web page rankings, so after a lot of work and sleep less nights we think we might have got this right. I notice all kinds of web pages that frankly should be hidden  ranking way high on  photographic pages and I just don’t see why.

So my open Letter to Google:

Dear Google,

we realize your god, and like a good God fearing web owner we have prayed to the mighty web entity and sacrificed many a dollar,been fooled by false profits who just make profit  and destroy our good name and business , our eyes are red from starring at computer screens and reading articles on SEO till we can take no more and even been victim to rude and malicious post from Web masters on Google forums.

So dear leader, merciful god of internet and provider of all things cat video related , oh and internet porn (I never look at honest) I ask for your forgiveness and inclusion to your Temple of immediate information built on 1’s and 0’s  now streaming to a device near you.

We have seen the error of our ways , a spiritual 404 page if you like and have banished all links and pages we didn’t know existed that angered you Internet god.

We shall from now on only use one URL, filled with original and meaning full information relating to Photography and other close related issues , in the hope for more business fueled by your gracious rankings on page one ‘Las Vegas Photographers’ and that our children will not live in fear and loathing of the great God Google ~ Amen .


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