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security signA while back  I was working at one of the larger Hotels in Las Vegas and had reason to leave my Camera equipment in one of the break out rooms, assured it would be ‘alright for a few minutes  I left  shot the next event  only to return to find all my Canon gear stolen, minutes literally all gone over $30,000 worth of gear plus all the bits and pieces I carry like chargers, extra batteries and just stuff I need.


Hotel Security had no interest, I filled out forms asked about surveillance all to no avail. It turns out the Hotel are under no obligation to provide or produce any video, or take any responsibility for loss of personal  or business items .

It turns out that my camera and photographic equipment theft wasn’t a rarity at all, according to my sources  there are gangs of people organized , who wander around the hotels during conferences ,dressed to merge right in and now days it’s not just lap tops but hand bags with hopefully i Pads and i phones , not to mention all the info they can get off those machines.

So be aware when you’re at your next Convention, it’s not just the gangs roaming the hotel corridors, as i found out a few years ago, now I realize that  this story is not about lap tops but it will illuminate just how low some professional people will go.

Photography convention sleeping gaurd

A convention at the MGM produced by a large production company that specializes in pharmaceutical companies  hired us to do what we do best , to shoot their convention and keynote, when I work I’ll often use different lenses  and the one I use run a few thousand  Dollars each , some times I have to change lens and move  to a different location leaving my lenses and gear in a stash so to speak , usually Down Stage  but not far away.  When I returned i found my 70 -200 mm lens gone, literally evaporated. After making some inquiries i was told the ‘Stage  Manager has  has it , he thought it was a ….Coffee cup”  yeah right. Well this story has a bitter sweet end , I got my lens back, then got fired from the job, Ironically years later canon makes a 70-200 mm e series lens …coffee cup.

So the lesson learned here is never to leave anything out even for a second, if the ninja thieves don’t get you a ‘professional’ working with you might just decide to lighten your load, so be aware !

This message is bought to you with good humor and the best convention photographers in Las Vegas  Costellophoto.


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