Convention Photography : Cheaper than Coffee Service

Cheaper than Coffee Service 


Convention Photography : Cheaper than Coffee Service

Over the last four years or so this industry has changed, mainly due to the economic disasters caused by the ‘recession’ , a very mild description of the down turn in business and the bloodletting many business owners experienced, services deemed unnecessary or frivolous hit the dumpster with gay-abandon . With out any concern for the future, or promotion for the next year an attitude of ‘well it’s not that important’ was slapped on convention photography

_MG_0102aFor less that the average price of Coffee service at most hotels here in Las Vegas  meeting planners have ditched one service that can be crucial to your success for the next year, good professional photography, not shot with your I phone or a consumer DSLR, good though both those electronic gadgets are they can’t replace years of experience, and an end product that will be used for promotion in news papers, Web Sites, catalogs, banners and more.

There is nothing more off putting to a future client or attendee than pictures of speakers who’s  skin tone is orange  and where every thing seems dull , true some speakers do look differing shades of orange and  breakout rooms are dingy , but surly you don’t want your prospective attendee to be  put off by badly exposed and color balanced images that for some reason seem to roll down hill ?


Our rate have actually gone down, a situation I’m personally not happy with, seeing as we have more experience and better equipment than five years ago, our  expenses certainly haven’t decreased any , but it does seem we are of less value to the industry.

As I stated above, you need good representation photographically if you want to grow and show off your talent and attraction, it takes skill to combat the horrible lighting in most meeting rooms, it takes a good photographic eye to make that room look full and exciting, it takes experience to get that shot of the Key note with out his or her eyes  shut or mouth open, with out being too obtrusive, it also takes the confidence of back up gear of the same quality on site to know your getting value for money and a dedicated professional, and lets face it your images will most certainly last a lot longer than that earn of stewed coffee and look a whole lot better in your advertising media!

Just for the record I own Costellophoto in Las Vegas and we are dedicated Convention photographers, I personally have over 30 years in experience in all forms of entertainment photography and media, I’ve even lived in Vegas for over 25 of those years and we have survived the worst 5 years I’ve seen here, we’re not out of the woods yet, but good promotion is key , and good photography is essential .

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