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CES ®is a special time of year here in Las Vegas , it’s very like Christmas it creeps up on you and before you know it it’s here, and you realize you don’t have a professional Photographer to document you show, booth or event. We’re busy on mistake ! But we do have some spots open for your CES® Event in Las Vegas .


Ces 2016 las vegas photographrerLook at our web sites : Costellophoto.com and Convetionphotographer.info and you will see award winning photography for photographers with real experience and real professional equipment. Being one of the most experienced Convention photographers in the country, Costellophoto has specialized in Conventions and events and our images show the dedication we have poured in to this craft.



 Photographic Value

For less than the price of Coffee service in most hotels , you can receive high quality  edited images ready to rock your promotional world , even though your I phone may be fabulous, and some really are , or you found a “Photographer” who does the odd wedding for $300.00 , remember Convention photography is much like News photography, which we are skilled at and won awards …. it is a very different animal, you can’t line people up , direct them and expect to get true images , it just does not work.

The good news is we have some availability during CES, so call 702 459 3121  or email Info@Costellophoto.com for a quote, and spare your self the agony of realizing you hired the wrong guy or gal .

CES 2015 Mr Biceps









We look forward to hearing from you soon ( Don’t leave it too late) !

Call 702 459 3121  email Info@Costellophoto.com

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