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 UAV Aerial Drone photography is coming to Costellophoto  Las Vegas Spring 2017 !

 We have acquired the best in UAV drone equipment and currently going through qualification  and rigorous UAV training with the 


It’s tough to say what the number one feature is of the UAV Typhoon H, but the six rotors has to be very high on the list.  By utilizing six rotors, the drone can land itself even if one or possibly two rotors go out.  That gives me some comfort when I’m flying a $2,000 UAV  robot in the air above huge waves in high winds.

Six rotors also produces much more power.  Many reviewers of Yuneec’s previous quadcopter offering complained that it simply was not powerful enough to go fast and fight heavy winds.

The other thing that six rotors gives you is significantly better stability.  With only four rotors on a quadcopter, imagine that the UAV drone drifts to the right.  The only way to stabilize it is for the two right rotors to spin up faster and tilt the drone down to the left to push it back to its original position.  This tilting produces a shaky shot.  Now imagine you have six rotors.  Only one rotor needs to spin up, producing much less tilt in the shot.

UAV Aerial Photography Drone Photography


I have not yet flown a Yuneec drone, so I can’t comment on this one personally, but everyone I hear from says that the Yuneec drones drift much less in the air than the DJI drones do.  That’s a huge benefit for photographers who want to push the limits of a slow shutter speed and still get a sharp photo.

This has been reported to be true even with Yuneec’s previous quadcopters, so I am hoping that the stability is dramatically better with this hexcopter offering.


Orbit mode will fly a circle around the controller, which I plan to use when I’m standing epically on the side of a mountain with my tripod.  Journey mode flies away from the controller to show the entire environment.  It also has a follow me mode, as well as the ability to put in way points.


A third party add-on for the Yuneec Typhoon UAV is Intel’s Realsense technology, which will sense objects close to the drone and will fly the drone around them to avoid crashing.  That’s an incredible ability to add to a drone, but the finer details of the cost of this add-on and exactly how well it will be implemented remain to be seen.

Aerial Photography Drone Photography


I don’t pretend that the Yuneec Typhoon H will be an error-free drone that beats the DJI drones in every spec.  In fact, I expect a lot of bugs.  I also know that there are some serious drawbacks to this drone: reduced range when compared to the DJI offerings, no Glonass, no micro 4/3 camera like the Inspire 1 (the Typhoon H uses the same sensor as a GoPro and the DJI Phantom 3), etc.  The Typhoon H is not perfect and I don’t expect it to be.

However, the Typhoon H promises a significant upgrade from my DJI Phantom, and I’m anxious to see if Yuneec has outgunned DJI with its latest offering.  Time will tell.

What do you guys think?  Did Yuneec just announce a DJI killer, or is this a scrappy young company with an inferior product just announcing myriad features and accessories to try and compete?

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