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CES Las Vegas Happy New Year 2014




CES Las Vegas Happy New Year!

So as 2013 rolls to a close ,and not too soon, in retrospect not a bad years compared to the last 4 or so , but as you must all ways do at this time of years is be optimistic for the following  12 months .

Now  to prepare for  CES and all the trappings of a New year  here in Las Vegas  I bought a Samsung Galaxy 4 , Samsung is a client of ours  but I went through a local retailer (Supporting my fellow business owners) , and I have quickly found that I need a degree in computer science to run this thing.

Samsung Galaxy CESC 2014

Now I do know that it is not just a phone , it has as many pixels as some of my earlier cameras that cost me  thousands of dollars a few years ago  and can now connect to the internet and my newer cameras which makes me wonder what could be next, as most of you know you can get email , post to face book and as the phone is also a hot spot I can if I need to shoot with my Canon and connect to the phone , which can then post straight to the internet and a clients web site, very cool!

So as CES opens in the next few days here in Las Vegas Convention Center and most other hotels in the city we get quite busy, I just received a job from a Russian company and through the wonders of the internet and Google i was able to write emails in Russian, it did hit me that technology has come so far now that almost anything is possible , and to that end I can deliver those same photographs  via Drop box© the same day.

CES 2014

So as you can imagine we’re busy but not too busy , and if you have a need for a great professional photographer for your CES event in any of the venues in Las Vegas do call Costellophoto  702 459 3121 or visiti one of our Web pagesCostellophoto.com orConventionphotographer.info and we’ll be happy to help you out and provide you iwth excellent service and photographs that are coloor correct and in focus, ready for your company news letter or promotion event.

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