Las Vegas Photographer Convention and Green Screen

Costellophoto offers a full range of expert photographic services to the Las Vegas metro area and beyond including Green Screen photography on site printing, Commercial photography in Las Vegas, Convention Photography in all Las Vegas Hotels, including Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Rio Hotel , Paris Hotel and Casino, Ballys Hotel Casino , LVH Las Vegas Hilton, Golden Nugget in a revitalized Downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas has been home to Costellophoto for over 25 years now, we truly understand our markets, and make ever effort to bring quality and dedicated photographers who are here in Las Vegas , qualified and educated in the world of Convention and commercial Photography.

Las Vegas photographers experience all kinds of adverse conditions to shoot in , excessive heat , biting cold , high winds ,and that’s just out side, we have been able to learn through the years that indoor lighting with Las Vegas conventions and trade shows can be extremely challenging , a mixture that can cause all kinds of effects, from turning every thing yellow or green, so our experienced Las Vegas photographers know how to compensate and bring you our Photographic client pictures that can actually enhance the look for a room and it’s design , Las Vegas has long been known for its Neon, we even have museum dedicated to the old signage , these by the way make great Las Vegas photographs , most Las Vegas photographers love shooting in such venues and perhaps why we have the photographic experience and sharp photographic skills we do with so many different light sources you soon become aware of its effects on Las Vegas photographers we hire and can rely on to get the effect picture or corporate head shot. Corporate events are another skill set we in Las Vegas have perfected, ,as a photographer in Las Vegas we get a lot of calls for Corporate events , these can range from golf outings to full-blown rock and roll events, Corporate events introduce another level of expertise in working with our clients, there’s a very different protocol involved, from proper attire, professionalism and style of corporate event photography, again we excel !

As a photographer in Las Vegas or put more precisely a professional photographer in Las Vegas we have worked with every level of corporate and entertainment clients and understand their personal needs, this is a world when one wrong image can be exposed world-wide in minutes via social media , therefore as a photographer in Las Vegas we have the discipline to when not to shoot and to never make a client uncomfortable, or worry about where his or her image will appear, we had a very unfortunate issue in Las Vegas with HRH Prince Harry a year or so ago, not one of our photographers in Las Vegas however , this event is the perfect example of when not to shoot.

We are known as “THE LAS VEGAS PHOTOGRAPHER” in business for over 15 years in Las Vegas and staffed by long time residents committed to photography in its professional form and the excellence in customer service we have won awards for , competitively priced …but remember you can only take that picture once, you better get it right!

Costellophoto are Photographers in Las Vegas due to popular demand we have invested in new state of the art green screen also known as chroma Key digital programs, Green Screen a great way to excite your clients with a green screen print that will be on the desk of your guest rather than tucked away in a draw, hundreds of green screen back grounds to choose from or make your own with your company logo or message front and center reminding your guest / client of the great time they had and turn that guest in to a customer , for more information on Green screen technology go to our dedicated page screen.html or click on the Green screen button above.

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